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Check Western Stars Movie Reviews from audience. Find Western Stars Movie Tickets Coupon Code Offers. Western Stars in Theaters at October 25, 2019. The Western Stars (2019) is a Documentary Film. Book now, Western Stars Movie 2019 advance tickets available at fandango. Western Stars Movie directed and written by Bruce Springsteen and Thom Zimny.

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Know Before You Watch Western Stars Movie 2019:

Western Stars (2019) Movie Cast: Bruce Springsteen as himself.

Western Stars Movie Director: Bruce Springsteen, Thom Zimny

Western Stars Movie Writers: Bruce Springsteen, Thom Zimny

Western Stars Movie Genre: Documentary

Western Stars Movie Release Date: October 25, 2019

Western Stars movie duration 1hr 23 minute (Total 83 minutes). You can use hashtags #WesternStarsMovie and #WesternStarsMovieReview in your social media share post.

This is an interesting film. It’s technically a documentary/concert film, but it’s more artsy and cinematic than those usually are. Earlier this year Springsteen released his 19th studio album “Western Stars”. I listened to it then and I…liked it…I guess? It was fine. It’s definitely more of a Country/Folk vibe and while I like that genre of music it’s not the typical Rock ‘n’ Roll sound you’d expect to hear when you put on a record by The Boss. I respect Bruce wanting to try something different artistically though. I didn’t dislike it by any means, I’d just rather listen to something like “Born in the U.S.A.” or “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. This film made me appreciate the album a lot more though. He performs the entire thing in his barn backed by his wife, Patti, and an orchestra. The songs sound a lot better in the film than they do on the album in my opinion. Each song is intercut with old family home videos and footage of Bruce just walking through the desert with horses, accompanied by a voice over of him explaining his inspirations for each song. That was beautiful. I could listen to him talk about literally anything for hours. Everything the man says sounds like poetry. I don’t know if it’s his New Jersey drawl or what, I don’t even know if that’s a thing, I think he might be the only person on Earth who has it. My favorite songs from the album/film are “Hello Sunshine”, “There Goes My Miracle”, and “Somewhere North of Nashville”. The others won’t be on repeat so much. But anytime Bruce wants to try something like this or even different I’ll always give it a listen and if he wants to make more movies I’ll go see all of them. Those are my thoughts on “Western Stars”. A bit of and music/movie review this time, two of my favorite things.

Western Stars Movie Rating: 7.8/10.