Universal Laptop Charger Brand - Looking Influencers


I need some reviewers, YouTubers or Instagram Influencers to make video for a universal laptop charger.

Our product is a universal laptop charger with 5 ports (1 USB-C+4 USB-A), which can charge your laptop, tablet and smartphone simultaneously. I think everyone are deserved to possess one in his family.

It is a great charger with 5 charge ports, which supports charge smartphone, tablet and laptop simultaneously. I think everyone deserved to possess one.

The video style depends on you. But I like the product video style about showing product usage and evaluation.

In return, I will sent a product (over US$60) to your address for free and shipping free.
In addition, I will give you a VIP card of our Amazon online shop.

By the way, we have many products to make video, so we can establish a long cooperation if we enjoy each other.

If you are interested, please contact me soon.

Click to reply button here and paste your Instagram id or Youtube channel id.


Hello I’m interested


@Lucas_Teixeira Instagran is Lukao.surf

And influencer page in amazon is