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Find 100% off Udemy time management course online coupons. Mastering Planning Vol 1: Hourly and Daily Planning. Time management course online created by Timothy Kenny at udemy.

Learn the system for planning on an hourly and daily scale and the PAMeLa (Plan, Act, Measure, and Learn) Planning System.

What Will You Learn?

Learn how to master your daily schedule. Get full 24 hour metrics on where you spend your time each day of the week. Improve your productivity by cutting time wasters. Plan your days better so you are more efficient and spend more time in the flow.Enjoy the feeling of full engagement for 80% of your day…

Course Name: Mastering Planning Vol 1: Hourly and Daily Planning

Created by Timothy Kenny

11,884 students enrolled

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Course Name: Master Public Policy Analysis: Advanced
Created by Warren Chalklen, PhD.
5,957 students enrolled.

Use a policy matrix to confront policy tradeoffs. Apply taxes and subsidies to control supply and demand. Use price floors and price ceilings to control or support costs. Conduct a cost benefit analysis.

Learn Advanced Policy Analysis Concepts and Practice For The Real World!

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Course Name: Project Management Fundamentals: Run projects effectively
Created by Evan Kimbrell.
13,406 students enrolled.

The role of a project manager and the skills you need to be successful. Defining, developing, and pitching an idea to get a project initiated. How to plan out and properly execute your project. How to accept, process, and integrate changes to your project along the way. Helping teammates overcome obstacles and challenges, and how to keep them motivated to maintain progress. What to look out for when monitoring project progress.

Learn how to effectively analyze, plan, execute, and manage projects that consistently accomplish company objectives

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