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Find 100% off Udemy Programming Languages C Course Online Coupons. Learn Object Oriented Programming OOP in C++, Pointers in C programming created by DoEdu IT Educations. Learn Object Oriented Programming in C++ using classes and objects with examples. Understand pointers in C programming made easy at udemy.

What Will You Learn?

Write C++ code in object oriented approach. Get strong knowledge on OOP concepts.

Code using pointers. Better understand pointer concepts.

Course Name: Learn Object Oriented Programming OOP in C++

Created by DoEdu IT Educations

10,452 students enrolled

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Course Name: Pointers in C programming

Created by DoEdu IT Educations

31,037 students enrolled

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Throughout this course, you will see how to:

  • Turn messy C# code into a clean code
  • Eliminate longer methods in your C# code
  • Turn complex methods into its own C# classes
  • Safely move methods and features between classes
  • Remove if within an if within an if…. Kind of statements
  • Simplify conditional statements
  • Simplify method calls
  • Turn long parameter lists into a separate class
  • Remove unnecessary parameters
  • Use the Null Object design pattern to eliminate if checks for null
  • Use State or Strategy design pattern to eliminate switch statements