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Find 100% off udemy excel course online coupons. Analyze Huge Data with Ease Using Microsoft Excel Filters. Excel course online created by Jed Guinto at udemy.

Learn the SECRETS of large scale data handling through the use of FILTERS! No more manual cutting and pasting!

Master the DESIGN and CONSTRUCTION PRINCIPLES of using Excel Formula’s and Functions with SHORT 2 MINUTE VIDEO’S!

Learn the simplicity of AutoSum and Count Functions in calculating and summarizing huge sets of information!

Reduce your workload & frustration using PRODUCTIVITY techniques such as Freeze Panes, Hotkeys and Quick Access Icons

Master how to create formula’s from the ground up! You’ll learn arithmetic, nested functions and automated formulas!

What Will You Learn?

Setting up Filters. Applying Filters. Sorting Alphabetically. Using the checkbox function. Using the search field. Sorting by colour.

Data Inputting. Random Number Function. Basic Arithmetic. Cell Deletion. Fill Handle. Copying and Pasting.

AutoSum Functions - Sum, Average, Count, Max, Min Function Library. Count Functions - Count, CountA, CountBlank, CountIf, CountIfs. If Function Construction. If Function with Text Outputs. AutoSum and Count Function Combination with the If Function.

Freeze Panes. Freeze Pane Combinations. Slider Divider. Quick Access Toolbar. Quick Access Toolbar control via keyboard. Keyboard Shortcuts.

Manual Calculations. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and DivisionDecimal Place Setting. Nested Formula’s. Basic Logic Functions (True and False) Cell Linking.

Course Name: Analyze Huge Data with Ease Using Microsoft Excel Filters!

Created by Jed Guinto

17,975 students enrolled

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Course Name: Master Microsoft Excel Table Design in Under 30 Minutes

Created by Jed Guinto

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Course Name: Master Excel AutoSum and Count Functions for Quick Analysis

Created by Jed Guinto

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Course Name: Maximize Your Excel Productivity to Save Time

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Course Name: Microsoft Excel Formula Design for Beginners

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