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What Will You Learn?

You’ll learn the proven blueprint for how to negotiate effectively and fairly to save/make 1000s more than you would otherwise. You’ll learn the proven 7-step model you will use in your very next negotiation. The tools and techniques provided can be applied immediately, and make a profound and positive change in your outcomes.

You’ll understand the Mindset required to be successful in most of the Negotiations. You’ll learn how to bargain over everything from buying your next house to flea market haggles. You’ll learn how to understand what others really want - not just what they say. You’ll learn how to get others to understand and appreciate what’s most important to you. You’ll learn the crucial step most people miss before discussing solutions. You’ll learn how to combat the most commonly used tricks, traps and ploys used against you in negotiation. You’ll learn simple negotiation phrases that will get you a brilliant price. And lots, lots more!

Course Name: Negotiation A-Z: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator

Created by Akshay Goel, Susmita Dutta

20,474 students enrolled

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