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Find udemy book marketing course online coupons. Facebook Live Masterclass: For Businesses & Personal Brands. Book Marketing Course Online created by Indie Media. Master using Facebook Live to grow your Business or Personal Brand. When to go Live, Engagement, How Long, and More. How does one become a Bestselling Author? Learn what to do before and after you publish your book. The Complete Guide to Convert Your Audience into Customers in Three Easy Steps at udemy.

What Will You Learn?

Set up a Professional Facebook Live broadcast. Get more engagement on a Facebook Live Broadcast. Make Facebook Live Broadcasts more interesting. Take their book and understand how to leverage it into more business. Launch their new book successfully.

The complete guide to convert your fans into paying customers in three easy simple steps. Why 95% of business and marketers fail to convert their audience into buyers. How to engage your audience and earn their trust with curated third-party content. 100% free tool to find high-quality content in your niche market in less than 5 minutes. Step-by-step instructions to use “Promoted Posts” to boost the reach of your fan page & business. How to give your content more exposure with one little weird trick that I learned from a viral website owner.

Course Name: Facebook Live Masterclass: For Businesses & Personal Brands

Created by Indie Media

6,332 students enrolled

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Course Name: Top Three Steps to Authoring a Best Selling Book

Created by Scott Paton, Randi Goodman

12,667 students enrolled

Coupon Code: https://fave.co/2Qd3Okt

Course Name: How To Convert Your Facebook Fans Into Buyers

Created by Sandor Kiss, Patrick Dermak

11,909 students enrolled

Coupon Code: https://fave.co/2E3RU53