Trello Referral Code

Share Trello Referral Code via Email, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. Trello Referral Program Offers to get a free month of Trello Gold up to twelve months free at To activate Trello Gold after successfully recommending someone to Trello, simply log in to Trello and go to trello, and click the green button that says “Start using Trello Gold”.

here are several ways to recommend someone to Trello:

  1. Sharing your personalized link from

  2. Sharing your personalized link from the “share” button on any template at, or from the “share” link found on any public template board.

  3. Inviting someone new to work with you on a Trello board.

An invited or recommended person must successfully sign up and confirm their email address in order for you to get a free credit for Trello Gold. Virtual Users will not count towards your referral credits and must confirm their account first.

For more details on how to participate in the Trello Refer A Friend Referral program, visit