Loki Loki Electric Pet Nail Grinder, Dog Leash - 30% Off Coupon


Get 30% off coupon for loki loki electric pet nail grinder. Upgraded low noise dog cat nail trimmer, clipper. safe gentle paws grooming, trimming, shaping and smoothing tool for dogs, cats, rabbits & birds - rechargeable. Ergonomic designed pet nail grinder is manufactured with a 2 speed level, super low-noise, low vibration motor. Which reduces your pet’s much annoyance and fear, to make the grooming easier and faster.

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End Date: 31/01/2019


Loki Loki Bungee Dog Leash with Car Seat Buckle. Improved Comfort and Safety Bungee Dog Leash – 2 Soft Padded Handles, Reflective Threads, Max. 6FT Durable Leash. Stretch leash design that absorbs the sudden, powerful pulling force from your dog, reduces the risk of injury, increases the comfort for both you and dog.

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End Date: 31/01/2019