Ll lakasara Photosensitive Resistance Sensor - 50% Off Coupon


Get 50% off coupon for ll lakasara photosensitive resistance sensor. Comparator’s output signal without interference; strong driving ability; drive more than 15ma at present. Output format: digital signal output (0 and 1) and analog voltage output.

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6 Pack DC to DC Buck Converter Step Down Module LM2596S-ADJ 3.2V-40V to 1.25V-35V Low Ripple Power Supply. DC 1.25 V to 35 V voltage is continuously adjustable, maximum output current is 3 A. 36 u thickening circuit boards, high-Q inductance with LED indicator output.

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6 Pack AMS1117-3.3 DC Voltage Regulator Step Down Power Supply Module 4.75V-12V to 3.3V 800mA. Lakasara super mini AMS1117-3.3 DC-DC step down voltage converter module. 3 pins pinout can be easy to connected with your MCU development and provide the contant power supply.

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