Lasfit HB1 LED Headlight Kits, Blinker Bulbs - 15% Off Coupon


Get 15% off coupon for lasfit hb1 led headlight kits, blinker bulbs. Lasfit 9004/hb1 led headlight kits. Flip cob chips-60w 7600lm 6000k-dual hi/lo beam bulbs (pack of 2). Cool white 6000k crystal white. Just plug and play, you will find that installation as easy as pie.

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LASFIT 7440 W21W WY21W LED Turn Signal Light Blinker Bulbs with CANBUS Anti Hyper Flash, No Load Resistor Need, 2019 Upgraded Intelligent Temperature Control Version- Amber Yellow (Pack of 2). ANBUS system can prevent 95% hyper flash and error code when replacing on turn signal light. Unique ITCS system will protects bulbs against excessive current and overheating.

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LASFIT 3157 3156 3057 3457 LED Bulbs Polarity Free Super Bright LED Lights. Use for Brake Tail Light, Turn Signal Lights, Brilliant Red (Pack of 2). Heat management is crucial when it comes to LEDs. LEDs light up 0.2 seconds faster than incandescent bulbs.

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