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Know Before You Watch Movie:

It Chapter Two Movie Cast: Bill Skarsgård - Pennywise, Sophia Lillis - Young Beverly, Jessica Chastain - Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy - Bill Denbrough, Jay Ryan - Ben Hanscom, Bill Hader - Richie Tozier, Finn Wolfhardm - Young Richie.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

It Chapter Two Movie Director: Andy Muschietti

It Chapter Two Movie Writers: Gary Dauberman (screenplay by), Stephen King (based on the novel by)

It Chapter Two Movie Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Supernatural

It Chapter Two Movie Release Date: September 6, 2019

It Chapter Two movie duration 2hr 49 minutes (Total 169 min). You can use hashtags #ITChapter2 in your social media share post.

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It Chapter Two (2019) Movie Review: It is a movie that I liked a lot, I enjoyed it a lot and I also had a very bad time. The film is a mixture of emotions, drama, a little comedy, and above all terror, with very brutal scenes and a lot of gore, scenes that have generated a lot of tension. I could not say which character I liked the most, because everyone has played an incredible role, from the first to the last, and what to say about Pennywise, Bill Skarsgård has once again been immense. To enjoy this movie well, you had to watch the first part, the second is a perfect complement to the first part, to understand the whole story well. I am not going to detail any scene of the movie, because I want you to enjoy it in the cinema. Never in my life have I felt something so wonderful because of what I felt in a movie with IT. And I don’t think it’s repeated. Finally I want to especially thank Stephen King for bringing us this wonderful story. and of course our wonderful director Andy Muschietti, his sister Barbara Muschietti, and all who have made this wonderful adventure possible. And I can’t forget our excellent actors, each and every one of them are wonderful.

It Chapter Two Movie Non Spoiler Review:

The second half of the IT story has always lacked the charm of the coming-of-age kids story that proceeded it, and IT: Chapter 2 is no exception. In an effort to rectify this they have added in a series of flashbacks that take place before the losers clubs first showdown with Pennywise. These to me hinder the flow of the film and pad out the 3 hour run time unnecessarily. On top of this the actors who played the kids have of course aged since the first movie. So they have used the Marvel de-aging technology. Only badly. This resulted in the already unnecessary flashback scenes also feeling jarring.
There are also a few decisions in the movie that come of as a little cheesey. Some of course are drawn directly from the book, but sometimes certain things work better on the page than on the screen.
Still… There’s some very good scenes and it’s good to see Pennywise shapeshift more this time around, even if it is at the expense of skarsgards screen time. The screen time he does have though he once again shines in. The set pieces are fun, and the cast do an awesome and convincing job of playing the adult losers (My favourite being Bill Hader) . Whilst I didn’t find it scary, I still saw it as an enjoyable dark fantasy with a mostly satisfying final act. 6.5/10. It floats! #itchapter2 #itchapter2review #moviereview #clowns #scaryclowns #stephenkingfan #stephenking #horroraddict #horrorfans