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Know Before You Watch Hustlers Movie 2019:

Hustlers (2019) Movie Cast: Constance Wu as Dorothy / Destiny. Jennifer Lopez as Ramona Vega. Cardi B as Diamond. Lili Reinhart as Annabelle. Keke Palmer as Mercedes. Julia Stiles as Elizabeth. Lizzo as Liz.

Mercedes Ruehl as Mama. Trace Lysette as Tracey.

Hustlers Movie Director: Lorene Scafaria

Hustlers Movie Writers: Lorene Scafaria and Jessica Pressler

Hustlers Movie Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Hustlers Movie Release Date: September 13, 2019

Hustlers movie duration 1hr 50 minutes (Total 110 minutes). You can use hashtags #Hustlers #HustlersMovie in your social media share post.


Hustlers Movie Review:

I didn’t think much of this movie by the trailer. A heist movie by strippers? With rappers Cardi B & Lizzo? Eh… i don’t think this is for me. :unamused: But wow, this is surprisingly a really FUN story!
The strippers are doing these heists not to live in excess or to live in mansions, but just to put a roof over their heads. The story actually works quite well in making you invested in their lives.
It also helps that the characters are all quite funny. :joy: Even when the strippers are just doing their normal jobs in the club, the quips and one-liners these girls throw at each other are charming enough that the fun is infectious.

The acting is all good across the board, particularly from Jennifer Lopez. :smiley: She’s already been getting a TON of praise from critics, and yeah, she’s pretty good here. :joy:
The direction here is really solid too, with COLORFUL lighting during the stripping scenes, and clever shot compositions sprinkled throughout. The film’s also INCREDIBLY fast-paced too, and with tons of actually-entertaining heists in the plot, you’re never bored. :smiley: :smiley:

If I have any real problems with the movie, it does run out of momentum in the 3rd act. It quickly becomes a guessing game of “Okay, when are they gonna get arrested?”, which can test your patience.

With that said despite its flaws, Hustlers has great characters, it’s fun, has a really entertaining story line, and is definitely worth your time and money! This is terrific adult entertainment. B+


So I went to see Hustlers expecting a fun and sexy movie. What I got is a true drama (Funny by time) with interesting story and great performances. Constance Wu gives an amazing performance but the show stealer is Jennifer Lopez. I actually never minded her as an actress. If you give her good material, she can act for sure. Here, she gives one of her best performance to date (maybe her best). The rest of the cast is really good and don’t worry…Cardi B is not there for long :joy: The directing is really pleasant too. I find it interesting that a woman made that movie. It’s fun to see a female vision of a strip club. Visually appealing (I’m talking about the cinematography). So bring on your girlfriends and your inner stripper. Have a good watch.


Hustlers is a film I had almost 0 interest in seeing. I didn’t like the trailer and it looked like something I’d seen a million times. Then it premiered at TIFF and people seemed to be going nuts over it, so I figured okay fine I will see it for myself. And actually, to my surprise, it’s pretty damn good.

The film follows a group of strippers led by Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez who decide that they will turn the tables against their Wall Street clients by doing something pretty wild, which I won’t spoil here. It’s based on an article, which in turn is based on a true story. I’m not entirely sure which parts are and aren’t actually true but it makes for a shocking and entertaining story that I consistently enjoyed. Most of the praise I had heard was based on Jennifer Lopez’s performance and she is very good here but Constance Wu has to carry this film and she needs to be given credit where credit is due.

Once we get into the meat of the story things do become a little bit more repetitive. I really liked the introduction to the characters and learning things about them, but then when they start getting into their “plan” to go against the Wall Street guys it becomes a lot of the same thing and then it just kind of ends where you think it will. That’s not to say the scenes where they do what they do aren’t entertaining. In fact some of it, despite being kind of horrible, is very funny and the cast is the reason for that, but it’s worth addressing because this film could have been even better. But I guess it’s based on something that actually happened and if it really happened that way then i can’t complain too much.

Overall, Hustlers isn’t groundbreaking but it’s got a really great visual style with some surprisingly well thought out audio choices that shouldn’t have worked as well as they did and some great editing which added to the frantic entertainment value of it. I had a good time with it and I’d definitely recommend seeing it.


Hustlers is one of the biggest surprises of the year and it is proof that when Jennifer Lopez needs to bring a good performance she totally can. She is just a pure powerful scene stealer in this movie. Constance Wu however is where all my real acting complements go, she was great as the lead. She was able to make something totally wrong seem justifiable. This movie actually went in a different direction than I thought going in and I liked said direction however it did make it seem more anticlimactic when the film concluded. That is probably my biggest flaw here, in the end they wanted me to feel an emotional punch that just wasn’t there for me. I really enjoyed everything else. I also find it very coincidental that Cardi B is in a movie about strippers who take money from drugged men. I also think this is sort of the female Fast and Furious. What I mean is that there is definitely a theme in here about family but it’s not what the audience will focus on. Also like the fast movies it should be pretty apparent if this is your scene.

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Hustlers Movie Non Spoiler Review:

Hustlers, is a wonderful surprise filled with heart, laughs, and great acting. Jennifer Lopez gives an absolutely outstanding performance! Constance Wu is great and has amazing chemistry with Jeniffer Lopez.

Excellent direction from director Lorene Scafaria and some beautiful cinematography from Todd Banhazl, truly elevates the movie.

Hustlers is based on true events, and while you may see or already know where the movie will end, hustlers cleverly focuses on the characters motivations and provides character relationships I believed and cared about.

Hustlers has not been on my radar for long but is one of the most pleasant surprises of the year and overall I had a very good time!

Enjoyment: High
Quality: High


Great story, solid casting, inconsistent pace throws off the movie. You take three talented and beautiful actresses and throw in an exotic plot and it won’t take much more to make a good film. That being said, Lopez and Wu take this film from a so so film with inappropriate scenes to a great movie. The tone of the film was pretty casual, comedic at times. Considering the crime, the tone made the whole situation seem like no big deal. This plays into the overall operation so it can be seen as good directing or annoying. Cinematography was nothing worth mentioning. There are very few scenes that stood out. Overall, good casting, great acting, and a solid story carry this film.

Rating: 8/10


Hustlers Movie Review


  • Jennifer Lopez and co give career best performances and sell the humanity of each of their characters and this made for very relatable protagonists in a stigma-clad profession
  • The pacing was very good, there no boring dull downtime and the film moves along at a brisk pace
  • The setting and attention to detail with the setting was great and it emerges you in this world of stripping and hustling very uniquely and organically, and this helps with the music choices that (to my knowledge) was grounded in the songs that would have been played in mainstream at the time
  • The script was very reminiscent of Wolf of Wall Street, albeit lacking the Scorsese-ism obviously, and led to the chemistry between the core group being very natural and there is a definite sisterhood feel that excels this movie


  • The plot for me was resolved and finished a little too quickly when compared with the rest of the movie, with a lot of time devoted to the buildup and high times of the hustling empire and this then gets resolved in minutes
  • Although she’s in it for obvious reasons due to her background and previous experience, Cardi B is as annoying as ever and detracts from the experience whenever she is on screen