Hersheys 2019 - Reese’s March Madness Instant Win Game

Hersheys Sweepstakes 2019. There will be four thousand five hundred seventy-two prizes available in this Game. Each prize is a box of forty Reese’s three packs. Hersheys Sweepstakes begin on February 4, 2019 and end on April 8, 2019.

Approximate retail value of each prize is $60.

Total ARV of all prizes offered is $274,320

There are two ways to participate and receive a game play Game Play:
A. Purchase Method of Entry:
B. Free Method of Entry:

Hersheys Sweepstakes is One Code via email to the email address printed on the Mail-in Request.

Reese’s March Madness Instant Win Game Prizes will be made available at random times throughout the Game Period. There are three (3) prizes randomly seeded during each sixty (60) minute interval of the Game Period.

Hersheys Sweepstakes winner announce For the first initial, last name, hometown and state of the prize winners. June 8, 2019.