Flyfunker Wristwatch Reviews - 30% Off Coupon Code


Get 30% off coupon for flyfunker speaking wristwatch. And stainless steel dial. Time announcement talking watch for aged/blind/visually impaired. Luminescent numerals, stainless steel watch case. Long strap made of genuine leather, high quality buttons made of stainless steel.

30% Off Coupon Code: 301DZJKK

End Date: 20/02/2019

Flyfunker Wristwatch Reviews & Features:
High quality watch case with alloy.
Stainless Steel Watch Case.
Alarm Clock With Snooze Function.
Pull the Crown out of the “3 o’Clock” Position.

Another Flyfunker Wristwatchs is Altimeter Barometer Wrist Watch with Weather Compass For Outdoor. Water resistant to 50 meters.