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Doctor Sleep (2019) Movie Cast: Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat, Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance, Jacob Tremblay as Bradly Trevor, Zahn McClarnon as Crow Daddy, Emily Alyn Lind as Snakebite Andi, Carel Struycken as Grandpa. Flick, Bruce Greenwood as Dr. John as Cliff Curtis, Billy Freeman as Jocelin Donahue, Lucy as Alex Essoe, Wendy Torrance as Danny Lloyd, Henry Thomas as Jack Torrance.

Doctor Sleep Movie Director: Mike Flanagan

Doctor Sleep Movie Writers: Stephen King, Mike Flanagan

Doctor Sleep Movie Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Doctor Sleep Movie Release Date: November 11, 2019

Doctor Sleep movie duration 2hr 31 minute (Total 151 minutes). You can use hashtags #DoctorSleepMovie and #DoctorSleepReview in your social media share post.

Doctor Sleep 2019 is a film for so many things. It’s an adaptation of a Stephen King novel. It’s technically a sequel to “The Shining,” just like the novel. But most importantly, it’s a Mike Flanagan movie!

Mike Flanagan is a filmmaker I’ve been talking about since his sophomoric effort “Hush.” Every movie (and T.V. series) he’s made is pure joy for horror fans. I have consistently said he’s the best director in horror, but he’s become one of my favorite directors period. I truly admire what this man does behind the camera, with his scripts, and in the editing room. He’s a true auteur and this might be his best work yet.

Somehow, Flanagan was able to beautifully blend the heart of King novels with the legacy that is Kubrick’s masterpiece. This film isn’t a Kubrick film and it’s not supposed to be so don’t expect an actual sequel to “The Shining.”

Flanagan’s direction is always beautifully inventive and effortlessly personal, as is his writing. He is a true master of his craft. Watching him helm this film is like seeing a kid in a candy store. This is a brilliant director who’s getting to play with all his favorite toys and he does a perfect job.

Ewan McGregor nailed it as an adult Dan Torrance who is struggling with his own demons that doesn’t include ghosts. This is a film about addiction and trauma that haunts us as we outgrow our past. All Flanagan films are deeply personal character movies and “Doctor Sleep” is no exception. That’s what makes it so beautiful.

Rebecca Ferguson is amazing as the villain and it’s clear that she’s soaking in this role. Flanagan does such a great job fleshing out his villains so you understand their desires and why they’re making the decisions they are.

Kyliegh Curran is perfect as this girl that also shines and finds herself in this web that Ferguson’s character is spinning. The script asks a lot from this character and Curran handles it all perfectly. She was a true delight.

“Doctor Sleep” is everything you would want from a Flagan film and more. This is a movie about personal demons and how we carry tragedy and trauma through our lives. And that is the scariest thing of all.

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Doctor Sleep 2019 Movie Review:

It’s like any great thing in this world, it was worth the wait. Listen, even if you’re not a horror movie fanatic (though why aren’t you?) or a Stephen King fan, chances are you’ve watched The Shining…okay at least you’ve heard of it. Sometimes when a movie is so iconic, it is hard to top it because fans are protective of what they love, but somehow director and screenwriter Mike Flanagan has done it with Doctor Sleep. He manages to pay homage to Stanley Kubrick’s classic work, recreating The Overlook to look modern but feel like we’ve never checked out…get it? Checked out!! Fun fact: all “flashback” scenes were reshot by Flanagan Film except for the iconic blood elevator scene. It is well documented that Stephenking wasn’t the biggest fan of Kubrick’s interpretation of his work but Flanagan is the overly caring guidance counselor that called them both to the office and made them sit there until there was peace. That’s Doctor Sleep. Ewan McGregor plays an adult Danny Torrence who is struggling with his demons after the traumatic experiences of his childhood, especially when he meets a young girl named Abra, who shares his gift of the “shine,” giving an unforgettable performance. But the talk of the town is Rebecca Ferguson in her role as Rose the Hat, and it’s worth every second of talk. She commands the screen in a beautiful way. Also, not to be left behind in her Hollywood debut is the bright young actress who plays Abra, Kyliegh Curran. Doctor Sleep, just like it’s predecessor, isn’t a traditional horror movie, but a psychological thriller that can make you jump. Especially thrilling for Shining fans who appreciate nostalgia. Doctor Sleep comes out this Thursday and if you’re in any way on the fence on whether or not it’s worth it,

Rating: 8/10

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Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, to the dismay of Stephen King himself, has become a staple of horror cinema. A classic even outside of the genre and rightly so. I had no idea if Doctor Sleep was a straight adaptation of just the book or a sequel to the film but it turns out that it’s both and it works better than I ever could have imagined. After the events that took place at the Overlook hotel, Danny Torrance has grown up and turned to alcoholism. When he discovers a cult of what I can only really describe as vampires who feed on the shine of others he forms an alliance with Abra, a girl with a particularly powerful shine to attempt to stop them. First things first, which should be obvious from that description, this is an entirely different film from The Shining. My worry going in was that this was going to be a pale imitation of Kubrick, but it never tries to be Kubrick. This is entirely a Stephen King/Mike Flanagan production.

What the film does best, especially towards the third act, is take what worked so well in The Shining, whether that’s nostalgia or just imagery and add it’s own unique flavour. It also really let’s us feel that the Overlook itself is it’s own character, perhaps even more so than The Shining but it uses everything to do with those elements sparingly to it’s advantage. The nostalgic elements it does end up using actually feel like they have a purpose. I always love Ewan McGregor, but the standout for me was Rebecca Ferguson’s villain Rose. She’s always mesmerizing to watch in the role and there’s one particularly trippy moment of hers that I loved. It’s 2 and a half hours and never really feels it but my one real gripe is that it felt kind of rushed when we finally get to the Overlook, what we see is pretty great but I couldn’t help but feel that it wrapped up too fast. If you are a fan of The Shining, Doctor Sleep is probably going to at least do something for you. If you’re not a fan then I will say that the film is still worth taking a look at because there’s enough here that make it more than just a sequel to an almost 30 year old masterpiece.

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