Cuagain Wireless Earphone And USB Cable - 60% Off Coupon


Get 60% off coupon for cuagain wireless earphone and usb cable. Bluetooth 4.1 headset wireless earphone with microphone volume adjustable for iphone xiaomi android ios device call/music. cvc 6.0 noise reduction technology to make the calling clearer. Battery can be used for 5 hours, and the battery life is about 130 hours.

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Quick charging 3in1 usb cable. for mobile phone micro usb type c charger cable for iphone samsung 6 charging cable micro charger 1.2M. Fast charging: for ip x can be fuly charged in 1.5 hous,3.5a quick charging with 2a in a singel wire. Woven nylo with twisting- high quality wires woven finely offering wear resistance, 48 fishing line.

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