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Check Countdown Movie Reviews from audience. Find Countdown Movie Tickets Coupon Code Offers. Countdown in Theaters at October 25, 2019. The Countdown (2019) Horror, Suspense and Thriller Film. Get now, Countdown Movie 2019 advance tickets available at fandango. Countdown Movie directed and written by Justin Dec.

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Countdown (2019) Movie Cast: Anne Winters as Courtney, Elizabeth Lail as Quinn, Charlie McDermott as Nurse Scott, Peter Facinelli as Dr. Sullivan, Jeannie Mai as Allie, Jordan Calloway as Matt Monroe, Talitha Bateman as Jordan Harris, Dillon Lane as Evan , Tichina Arnold as Nurse Amy.

Countdown Movie Director: Justin Dec

Countdown Movie Writers: Justin Dec

Countdown Movie Genre: Horror, Thriller

Countdown Movie Release Date: October 25, 2019

Countdown movie duration 1hr 30 minute (Total 90 minutes). You can use hashtags #CountdownMovie and #CountdownMovieReview in your social media share post.

Countdown is a film that when a nurse downloads an application that claims to be able to predict someone’s death, she gets 3 more days from the application. As time continues to thin out, the mysterious figure continues to haunt him, he must find a way to save himself until before time runs out.