Backblaze Refer a Friend

Share Backblaze Referral Code via Email, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter. Backblaze Refer a Friend Referral Program Offers to give and get a free month at When you are signed into Backblaze, click on the “Get Free Months” to find your unique invite link. You can send that link to friends or post it on Facebook, Twitter or any web site.

Anyone who uses the link will get a free month of Backblaze. You will be able to see friends who install Backblaze using your link. And when they buy, you get a free month of Backblaze. You can receive an unlimited number of free months. If you have more than 1 computer, you will receive credit off your next bill equal to the value of 1 free month.

How to do Backblaze Refer a Friend:

  1. Send an invite link to a friend from the ‘Get Free Months’ page when you sign into Backblaze.
  2. Your friend gets a free month trial of Backblaze.
  3. You get a free month when your friend buys Backblaze.

For more details on how to participate in the Backblaze Referral program, visit